Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.

The first realization that should dawn within us is that hard work does not guarantee success, but increase the chances of achieving success. If we are not like a postage stamp, i.e. not sticking to a thing as long as it does not reach its destination, life eventually becomes a corpus of worries, failures and negative attitudes.

Dear Students, Parents and Staff of St Mary’s Arcadian School, we have to remember that success is-though unimpeachable-not that much necessary as the holistic development of a child is. Rising above and against castes, races and religions, ergo, let us work in a devoted and loving manner to usher a new dawn in our country. Let us work on ourselves, by ourselves and for ourselves. This being the motto of our institution let the end result be excellence in all things and passionate service to the humanity. SMAS has become training ground in preparing our students to become men and women for their own Motherland.

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